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 Randy Read

 Cell # (515) 778-5580  Fax # (515) 967-2809


Based in Des Moines, Iowa.

Also put together: Quick State by State Trucking and Escort Requirements

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Utah certified
25 years clean Class "A" CDL
Legal in all states except NY. 

Georgia & Nevada Amber Light Permits;
1 Million Commercial Insurance, & PA insured;

Height Pole, GPS & Laptop.
Ready to be your chase or front door.

Customers depend on escort driver(s) to get their loads to the destination on time and without any incident. "I Get-R-Done!"  

Vehicle is fully equipped with the following:

 * 3 - 18" Orange Safety Cones
    * An overhead sign and Lighting
    * 1 - 10Lb ABC Fire Extinguisher to be Louisiana Legal
    * 1 - 2Lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher (for small fires)
    * 1 - Handheld CB Radio
    * 2 - CB radio's in car
    * 1 - Backup CB Radio & Antenna
    * 6+ - Flags for my Escort Car or oversize load.
    * 12 - 15 minute Road Flares
    * 10 Reflective Triangles
    * First Aid Kit
    * 1+ - Oversize Load Banners for the Oversize Load or Truck
    * 3+ - Oversize Banners for our Pilot Car vehicle
    * Live GPS & Video
    * Driver Safety Equipment: Hard Hat, Reflective Vest
    * A cone flashlights, 18" & 2 Stop/Slow Signs 24" (OK required.)
    * High Pole service is available if required

I pride myself in providing a secure and safe trip of an oversize load. Moving an oversize load is a very serious business that should never be taken lightly. Far too many "foolish four wheelers," do not see the dangers. I realize that my customer may need proof of responsibility should there be an event happen going down the road. If I chase or steer a load, I'm running a video. And should the need arise, I can provide a copy as needed. All trips are recorded as a standard. A video recorded trip gives everyone more peace of mind. I believe you can never be too safe or secure. 

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While waiting for your call I put together the most complete list of fellow Pilot/Escort drivers on the net. 

This 2nd site is called AllPilotCars with it's first page of the database is the most complete Bad Boy list on the net; once you have checked to see that your Co. is not listed, click on any of the “State tabs” at the bottom of each page to search for pilots and start making your calls.


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