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Arizona http://www.azdot.gov/mvd/

2011 Arizona Revised Statute:   28-1110.  Escort vehicle operation; training and certification; insurance; exemption

Understand, that an AZ inspection is required to escort in the State, and there is a $250 fee for that inspection

http://www.azsos.gov/public_services/Title_17/17-06.htm  http://www.arizonatrucking.com/pilotescortvehicle.php

“Pilot Car Operator Rules" : http://www.arizonatrucking.com/documents/Pilot_Car_Operators_Rules.pdf

Other valid certifications approved for AZ:
Colorado; Florida; Kansas; New York; North Carolina; Oklahoma; Utah; Virginia; and Washington.


VEHICLE TYPE: 2 axel pickup, auto, not over 20,000 GVW, can't tow, current Insurance & registeration.

DRIVER & CO: 18, 4 hr approved flagger training; can not act as flagger.

SIGNS: 5' wide 12" tall, yellow,  with 6" 1" black lettering; roof mounts; remove or cover signs when not in use.

LIGHTS: amber, roof mounted; must meet AZ 28-947 D, seen 1500 feet away.

FLAGS: red or fluorescent orange, 12" sq, each side of oversize load sign.

COMMUNICATIONS: required, 1/2 mile +


OTHER REQUIREDMENTS: 8 emergency warning devices, two flags, first aid kit

DISTANCE FROM LOAD: 250' in city, 1500' on hwy 

Pilot/Escort Vehicle is Required
Under 14' wide, 16' high, 120' long: no pilot cars needed
Over 14' wide -1 or more pilot cars
Over 16' high -1 or more pilot cars
Over 120' long -1 or more pilot cars
Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle
Passenger car or 2 axle truck not exceeding 20,000 lbs.
Lights: Warning lights are required
Signs: “OVERSIZE LOAD” sign facing traffic approaching the load being escorted, 
Must be 5’ above the ground; mounted securely to the vehicle, Dimension: 5’ x 1’ w/ 1” black letters on yellow background
Flags: 12” red flags on all four corners of the vehicle
Additional equipment: 2-way radio compatible w/ 2-way radios in towing/escort vehicles capable of transmitting/receiving voice messages over a minimum distance of mile, 
8 flares, A first-aid kit, 2 red emergency flags on a staff

Motor Vehicle Division
1225 N 25th Ave

PHONE: 877-692-9277 / 602-255-0072 TUCSON: 520-629-9808
HOURS: MONDAY – FRIDAY 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M

Single 20,000 8'1 min spacing 20,000
Tandem 34,000 34,000
Tridum 42,000 42,000
Gross Weight 80,000
Federal Bridge Formula applies
Width 8'6" 8'6"
Height 14 14
Semi-trailers 57 Over 53' trailer, 65' overall length

OVERHANG 3’ front, 6 ’ rear



Tandem *Depends upon the axle spacings and tire size.
Tridum *Depends upon the axle spacings and tire size.
Quad *Depends upon the axle spacings and tire size.
Trunnion 60,000
Gross Weight: 5 Axles 104,000
6 Axles 108,000
7 Axles 117,000
Class A    
Length 120'  
Width 14'  

These are just guidelines. The actual weight depends upon the number of tires and the distance between the axles. Loads over 250,000 lbs a Class C permit will be needed. Pavement stress and bridge capacities will be the determining factor for the maximum permitted weight.

If load exceeds any of these dimensions or weights, refer to the section on Super Loads.

Single trip permits are valid for 96 hours (4 consecutive days).

Daylight hours, hour before sunrise to hour after sunset.

Night Movement
This section applies to a vehicle or load that does not exceed any of the following dimensions:
16 feet wide, 16 feet high, 120 feet long and 250,000 pounds.

A permittee of a vehicle or load within limits prescribed under subsection (A) may transport:
Beginning at 3:00 a.m. except on any day, route or time restricted under R17-6-404 through R17-6-406; on selected routes prescribed under R17-6-412.

A permittee of a vehicle or load transporting under this section shall have escort vehicle accompaniment as follows:
1. A rear escort for a vehicle or load with dimension exceeding 11 feet wide to 14 feet wide.
2. A front and rear escort for a vehicle or load with dimensions exceeding 14 feet 1 inch to 16 feet.
3. A front escort with a height pole for a vehicle or load with a dimension exceeding 15 feet in height.

Operators of vehicles/loads of no greater than 16’ wide, 16’ high, 120’ long and 250,000 lbs may travel on specified routes from 3:00 am to 12:00 noon on weekends and nights. Loads over 11’ wide will have rear escorts.

Must be reduced to the lowest possible form.

All bulldozer blades and dozer arms which are more than 14’ (measured at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the hauling equipment) shall be removed and transported in a manner so that they will not create a traffic hazard. Equipment having dozer blades shorter than 14’ wide may transport without detaching the blade from the tractor provided the dozer is firmly supported. If buckets, blades counterweights, etc. are easy to remove the must be removed, but can be hauled
with the load.

Load, load weight, truck/tractor plate number, truck/tractor unladen weight and the number of axles, trailer plate number, trailer unladen weight and number of tires, (the unladen weight of any other vehicle or jeep plus the license plate number and the number of axles), overall dimensions, overhang front and rear, company name, origin, destination and routes.

*Arizona escorts must be certified in AZ (certificate can be purchased at a port of entry for $12)

Classes of Permits: #Escorts
Class A: 0 (except on state routes)
For 1 trip & 1 load or multiple trips of specified fixed loads not to exceed 30 days  
O/O loads within standard guidelines of:
14' width
16' height
120' length
Apply in writing on state form
250,000 GVW maximum
Class B: Same as Class A
For multiple trips of specified or fixed loads not to exceed 1 year - nor exceed:
80' length
12'6" width
14'8" height
Legal vehicle and axle weight except mobile cranes and drill rigs
Apply in writing on state form
Class C: 1 or more (as permit determines)
For 1 trip only of over dimensional and overweight exceeding the limits of other classes of permits:
Apply in writing to Asst. State Engineer - Maintenance for approval. Overweight application must be accompanied by drawings and details of routing
Class C loads with combinations of the following and determined by analysis of load, road, etc.  
Over 14' width 1 or more
Over 120' length 1 or more
Over 16' height 1 or more
A # state highways require for over 12' wide 2 (front & rear)
Also Generally:  
Front overhang 20' or more 1 Front
Rear overhang 20' or more 1 Front

Types of permits

Class A – Permit for over dimensional and overweight loads within standard guidelines of 14’ wide, 16’ high, 120’ overall length and 250,000 lbs gross combined weight. A permit may issued for a single trip and one load or for multiple trips of specified fixed loads not to exceed 30 calendar days. The fee is $30 for a 30 day permit. Single trip permit fee is $15. Oversize and overweight permit fee is $75.

Class B – Permits for multiple trips of specified or fixed loads valid for one full year and not exceeding the following guidelines: 80’ long, 12’6” wide, 14’8” high, legal axle weight and legal vehicle weight except mobile cranes and drills.

Class C – Over dimensional and overweight exceeding the dimensional and/or weight limits of other classes or permits. Class C permits will be issued for single trips only.

Restricted Travel

No movement will be allowed during snow or icy conditions or any severe weather conditions which might cause such movement to become a hazard to traffic or damage the highway.

No oversize or overweight vehicles or loads will be authorized to use I-17, I-10 and State Route 60 within the various city limits of the Greater Phoenix area between the hours of 7:00-9:00 A.M. and 4:00-6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

No over height vehicles or loads will be authorized to use I-17 mainline through Phoenix between Buckeye Avenue and 19th Avenue.

No oversize or overweight vehicles or loads will be authorized to use I-10 or I-19 within the city limits of greater Tucson area between the hours of 7:00-9:00 A.M. and 4:00-6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.


No restrictions.

Overweight, Oversized & Wideload SuperLoads

Over 14’ wide, 120’ long, 16’ high and 250,000 lbs is considered a super load. Drawings are required and should include the axle weights, axle spacing’s and the number of tires.

Applications takes 2-4 days to process.

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