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Missouri  http://www.modot.mo.gov/

Pilot/Escort Vehicle is Required
A. On 2-lane & undivided highways:
12'4" to 14' wide: 2 lane-1 front
12'4" to 14' wide (off designated highways)-2 (front & rear)
14' to 16' wide- 2 (front & rear)
Over 90' for a combo unit on all highways except divided-1 rear
Over 15'6” high (& route survey)-1 w/height pole
B. On interstate & divided multi-lane highways:
12'4" to 16' wide-1 rear
Over 15’6” high (& route survey)-1 w/height pole
C. Superloads: (Exceeding 16” wide, 16” high, 150” long and/or 160,000 lb.GW) If over 17’5” high must have written approval from the 
appropriate utility company showing approval to disturb lines across route.  No movement from 6:30am-9am & 3:30pm-6pm.
State Highway Patrol: 1 front + 1 rear civilian
On 2-lane highways if load exceeds 16’ wide-1 front+ 2 rear civilian
When load exceeds 16’ wide on any highway other than interstate/18’ wide on interstate/150’ overall length
Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle
General: a properly licensed automobile, pickup truck, utility vehicle, station wagon or equivalent covered by at least minimum amount of insurance required by law
Signs: “OVERSIZE” load signs shall be displayed on the front and/or rear of the escort vehicle, whichever is applicable for the move. A
sign mounted on the top of the vehicle with printing on both sides is acceptable. Signs are to be a minimum size of 5’ x 1’; minimum 8” high letters.  
The sign’s background shall be yellow with black lettering and visible for at least three hundred feet (300’).
Flags: at least 2 red/orange fluorescent warning flags mounted on a staff at the 2 front extremities of the vehicle for a front escort; at the rear extremities for a rear escort.
Additional equipment: height pole; 2-way radio

P.O. BOX 893

PHONE: 866-831-6277
HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M

Single 20,000 20,000 on secondary
Tandem 34,000
Tridum Depends on spacing Depends on spacing
Gross Weight 80,000
Federal Bridge Formula Applies
Width 8'6" 8'
Height 14' 13'6'
Semi-trailers 53' 53'

MO Route Map  http://www.modot.mo.gov/mcs/documents/MVRM_front2009_web.pdf

MO Vertical Clearances  http://library.modot.mo.gov/MCS/Missouri%20Bridges%20-%20Vertical%20Clearance.pdf

OSOW permit Page http://www.modot.mo.gov/mcs/OSOW/index.htm

3' front, 4' rear



Tandem 40,000
Tridum 60,000
Quad 60,000
Gross Weight: 5 Axles 92,000
6 Axles 112,000
7 Axles 132,000
8 Axles 132,000
Length:   150'
Width:   16'
Height:   16'
If load exceeds any of these dimensions or 152,000 lbs., refer to the section on Super Loads.

Single trip permit is valid for seven (7) travel days; pre-issued permits will be issued for five (5) days.

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset except in metropolitan areas and tourist areas.

Travel is permitted Saturday all day, Sunday all day except in metropolitan and tourist areas. Loads over 14' wide will not be allowed to travel on weekends, if only overweight (maximum weight of 112,000 lbs) may travel 24-hours.

Permits will not be granted for a highway movement of a load which is reducible in dimensions or weight, except for farm products. Reducible portions of any over dimension or overweight load shall include, but not be limited to any attachments, accessories, member or assembly designed to be detached with hand tools.

lades and buckets may have to be removed depending on weight, dimensions and route of travel.

Applicant's name and address, load description, vehicle description, tractor unit, trailer license, trailer length, overall dimensions, total number of axles, overhang front and rear, gross weight, origin and destination routes.


When Escorts are Needed # Escorts
On 2-Lane & Undivided Highways:
Width over 12'4 to 14' 1
(2 land - 1 front undivided) 1 Rear
Width over 12'4" to 14 1 Front & 1 Rear
(off designated highways)
Width over 14' to 16' 1 Front & 1 Rear
Length over 90' for a combination unit on all highways except divided highways 1 Rear
Height over 15' 6"
(and route survey)
1 (with H. Pole)
Interstate and Divided Multi-Lane highways:
Width over 12'4" to 16' 1 Rear
Height over 16' (and route survey) 1 (with H. Pole)
Additional Factors Determining Escorts:  
Special escort requirements may be specified whenever size, speed or operation of movement may require them Flagmen may be required in some instances (such as load is equal to or over width of lane or on 2-lane bridge where movement infringes on adjacent land) and escorts may act as flagmen when needed


Loads over 14' to 16' wide may require applicant to travel indirect routes in order to avoid narrow pavement

Overweight, Oversized & Wideload SuperLoads
Super Heavy and Large Load Movement Loads in excess of routine permit limits will be considered according to the following regulations when air, rail or water terminal points are not available: All permit applications with dimensions or weights exceeding the routine limits of the preceding over dimension and overweight permit rule (generally in excess of sixteen feet (16') wide, sixteen feet (16') high, one hundred fifty feet (150') long and/or over one hundred fifty-two thousand (152,000) pounds gross weight) shall be submitted in writing by the applicant to the Missouri Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Services Unit, OD/OW Permit Section, 3348 American Drive, P.O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102. An application for this type of move is available on request. The applicant should allow at least two (2) weeks for a route evaluation. If any problems exist that may prevent the move from reaching its destination over state highways, the application will not be approved;

The applicant may be required to provide a traffic control plan, sketches or additional information for complex moves. One (1)-lane for oncoming traffic must be open and clear for two (2)-land highways and (1)-land for both oncoming and following traffic must be open on four (4)-lane highways. If open lanes cannot be provided, a detour may be proposed. All super heavy and large load moves shall have a front and a rear escort.

If the loaded height exceeds seventeen feet five inches (17'5) the applicant shall provide a written document from the appropriate utility company indicating approval to disturb aerial lines across the route.

If it is necessary to adjust, modify or remove state owned property such as signal and sign mast arms, Flashers, signs, etc a qualified contractor approved by the Missouri Department of Transportation Shall be hired by the applicant to perform the necessary adjustment or removal and replacement.

Generally single axle loads will be limited to twenty-two thousand four hundred (22,400) pounds except the gross weight imposed upon any group of two (2) or more axles should be less than twenty two thousand four hundred (22,400) pounds per axle if bridge structures are involved in the proposed routing. All axles on the hauling unit must be load carrying with a maximum degree of equalization. The Missouri Department of Transportation shall determine whether or not the hauling unit, number of axles and axle arrangements are acceptable. In all cases the maximum axle loads, gross weight and overall dimensions allowed will be determined by the chief engineer according to section 304.200, RSMo and/or the load carrying capacity of the roadway and structures on the proposed route.

Before and after studies will be conducted of the highways and bridges transverse by the movement and damage if any shall be repaired at the expense of the permittee as directed by the Missouri Department of Transportation

For the purpose of moves under section (15) the applicant must have insurance in the amounts of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) per person and one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence for bodily injury liability and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) property damage liability or a combined single limit liability amount of one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) before a permit can be issued. The applicant shall provide evidence of such insurance Satisfactory to the Missouri Department of Transportation before a permit will be issued.

Approved applications will require full payment to the director of revenue, credit state road fund by check or other suitable means of payment. The draft shall include payment of the permit fee and all evaluation fees. Roadway structures on the proposed route will be analyzed by the Missouri Department of Transportation to determine whether the move can be safely made. 

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