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New York  https://www.dot.ny.gov/portal/page/portal/index?nd=nysdot


NY Escort Manual  pdf   https://www.dot.ny.gov/nypermits/repository/escort.pdf




PHONE: 888-783-1685 OPTION 1: 518-485-2999
HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY 7:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M

Single 22,400 22,400
Tandem 36,000
Tridum 54,000 54,000
Gross Weight 80,000
Axles less than 46'" apart measures from axle centers are considered 1 axle. New York uses the bridge formula and state formula (34,000+1,000 for each foot of wheel base) the higher of the two is used as long as the total weight is under 71,000 lbs. if over the Federal Bridge Formula applies.
Width 8'6" 8'6"
Height 13'6" 13'6"
Semi-trailers 53' 48' - 65' overall

Special hauling permits are not required for a combination of vehicles hauling poles, girders, columns or similar objects of greater length if only the legal length is exceeded. The width, height and weight of the combination must be legal. Farm equipment is allowed up to 13' wide without a permit.



Vary depending upon routing and tire sizes
Tandem 50,000
Tridum 60,000
Quad Vary depending upon routing and tire sizes
Gross Weight: 5 Axles 120,000
  6 Axles 130,000
  7 Axles 140,000
Anything over 160,000 lbs must go to the Bridge Department. This could take two days for approval.

Anything 14' high and over must have height survey.

Length, width, height are all looked at individually. No maximum set, must have 3" clearance for height up to 14', over 14' must have 6", loads 15' or over may have to provide a bucket truck to raise traffic signals.

Single trip permits are valid for three (5) permissible travel days.

Monday through Friday during the daylight hours between one-half hour before sunrise and one- half hour after sunset. Permittee may request night travel in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Night travel will be required on Long Island for mobile homes, modular units and office trailers wider than 12'. Night travel may be required for extremely large vehicles if it is determined the load will be safer to move at night. Night travel allowed in Suffolk County when specified on permit application. Continuous travel may be obtained provided the vehicle does not exceed legal dimensions and does not go over 125% of legal weight.

May travel on Saturday until noon if not over 12' wide or 72' long (85' on approved routes), no Sunday travel

Permits are available for New York plated vehicles

Wider than 12' blade must come off but can be hauled together with the load

Company name, address, US DOT number, axle spacings, axle weight (if overweight or self- propelled), tractor and make, license number, unit number, unladen weight, overall dimensions, gross weight, load dimensions, load description, origin, destination, effective date and model number (if self-propelled) and tire ratings per axle. Must be registered for the weight hauling


Width Requirements
8'7" TO 12'0" - 18" X 18" Red or Orange Fluorescent Flags on staffs at all corners at the extremities of the load or trailer. Flashing or rotating lights on load.
Warning sign attached to the front and rear of the vehicle
14'0" to 15'11" - In addition to the above:
Certified Escort Vehicle to proceed on two lane highways
Certified Escort Vehicle to follow on highways of more than two lanes
Certified Escort Vehicle shall display warning signs, operational bar light on
roof, headlights and other external lights shall be turned on
16'0 - In addition to the above: No travel Business Districts between 7-9 am and 4-6 pm
Over 16'0" - In addition to the above, a third Certified Escort Vehicle may be necessary in the front on two-lane highways.
18' or greater - In addition to the above a third Certified Escort Vehicle may be necessary in the rear on four-lane highways
NY escorts must be certified by state to escort loads greater than 12' or wider, 80' or longer, over 14'0" high, over 10' overhang or any load which cannot maintain highway speed or where there are bridge speed restrictions (Ex: overweight crossing structures), escort must display insignia on driver's side door and passenger side door.

Certification must be renewed every 4 years
Escort vehicles must now have a wheelbase of at least 100" (however waiver request may be filed with state)

Route Survey Needed: All loads 14' high, 16' wide or 100' long

When Escorts are Needed: # Escorts
On 2-Lane Highways:  
Width ovoer 12' 1 Front
Width 16' and over 4 (2 Front & 1 Rear + Police)
Length 80' and over 1 Front
Length 100' and over 2 (1 Front & 1 Rear)
Length 140' and over 4 (2 Front & 1 Rear + Police)
Overhang over 10' 1 Front
Height over 14'0" (w /high pole) 1 Front
Height 16' and over
(w/high pole)
1 Front + Police
Weight over 200,000lbs or if vehicle must cross the centerline of a structure Police escort
On 4 Lanes or More:
Width over 12' 1 Rear
Width 18' and over 4 (2 front & rear + Police)
Length 80' and over 1 Rear
Length 100' and over 2 (1 Front & 1 Rear)
Length 200' and over 4 (2 Front & 1 Rear + Police)
Overhang over 10' 1 Rear
Height 14' (w/high pole) 1 Front
Height 16' and over
(w/high pole)
1 Front + Police
Vehicle is: slow moving or speen restrictions are required 1 Rear
Weight voer 200,000 lbs or if vehicle must cross the centerline of a structure Police Escort
New York City:
Width over 11' 1 Rear
Width over 14' 2 (Front & Rear)
Length voer 65' 1 Rear
New York Thruway:
Note: Escort personnel are not permitted to stop traffic on NY Thruway
Width over 12' 1 Rear
Width 14' to 15'11 (I-85 only) 1 Front
Width over 16' State Police
Height over 13'6" (w/high pole) 1 Front
Ovehang over 10' 1 Rear
New York Bridges:
Escort services will be $150 crossing during business hours. On holidays and weekends the fee will be $350

Restricted Travel

New York frost laws for the upper Adirondack Park Region (between Watertown East to Plattsburg/Champlain Border)

If making an intrastate move with out-of state plates, drivers cab card number is required New York City: (212-341-3726) Rector Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 11106. Loads exceeding 80' long, 12' wide or 14' high require a route survey. NYC O/O permit is good for one move either daytime or nighttime hours. If the load is over 10' wide or 100' long it must travel at night. Extensions will be granted, NYC operating times are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Friday; 10:00 pm to 5:30 am Monday through Thursday; 12:01 to 5:30 am Saturday; 12:01 to 5:30 am Monday

Saturday and Sunday daytime hours are available in special cases but must be pre-approved by the city. NYC permit cost is $25

Any loads over 80,000 lbs will need to have a letter from the Throgs Neck, Triborough and Verrazano bridges. The letter will need to be sent to New York City along with the permit application.

All route surveys must be performed by a New York State Certified Escort and completed surveys should be faxed directly to the city by the certified escort via fax number on bottom of survey. The NYS Certified Escort's current/valid license number (with expiration date) must appear on the route survey. Certified Escort Services will invalidate their right to submit future route surveys if inaccurate surveys are submitted more than once.

Escort information: Escort required for vehicles over 14' high and delivering in the city. Vehicles Over 11' wide running at night require a backup vehicle. Engineers may request a route survey.


No restrictions.

Overweight, Oversized & Wideload SuperLoads
Definition - Any vehicle or combination of vehicles which exceed 16 feet in width; or 16 feet in height or greater; or greater than 160 feet in length; or 200,000 pounds or greater in gross weight; or a combination of any of the above.

Guideline - Preapproval applications (PERM 12) for the movement of super loads should be submitted a minimum of at least two weeks prior to the final application for a permit. Manufacturers of these loads are encouraged to contact the Department prior to fabrication to ensure that a permit can be issued and to determine the appropriate mode of transportation for all or part of the overall route.

Requirements - All applications for the movement of super loads shall be submitted to the Central Permit Office in Albany. The following information will be necessary for processing any super load and is required to be submitted with the permit application:
1. A certification by the manufacturer or designer of the load and/or vehicle that the object or vehicle cannot feasibly be manufactured or broken down into smaller sections.
2. The projected number of similar objects to be moved within the next year. Designers should obtain preliminary approval from the Central Permit office prior to manufacturing a super load if requesting movement through New York State on or over State highways.
3. letter from the permittee taking full responsibility for any damage to structures, roads, signs, utility wires, telephone wires, cable wires, underground pipes or services and any damage caused as a result of the move.
4. Permittee must provide a letter from each municipality whose highways are involved in the move, giving their permission to use their highways. This letter must be on municipal letterhead and include a contact name and phone number for the municipality. If the municipality requires a State permit prior to issuance of their permit, a letter indicating they will issue a permit contingent on a State permit being issued will be acceptable. A police escort provided by the municipal police agency involved will be accepted in lieu of a letter from the municipality.
5. When the overall height is 15 feet high or greater and there is any overhead traffic signal equipment on the route that is within three inches of the height of the permitted load while operating at normal traffic speed the permittee must provide a signal contractor that is acceptable to NYSDOT to accompany the move with a bucket truck to move signals when necessary. These locations must be identified in the Route Survey by highway segment and intersection.
6. When overall height is 14' or greater and there is insufficient vertical clearance to avoid conflict with any overhead power, telephone or cable TV wires on the route while operating at normal traffic speeds the permittee must list within the Route Survey in order by highway segment the location of these facilities and all remedial actions to be taken such as: Arrangements have been made with the utility and they will relocate telephone trunk line to provide sufficient vertical clearance prior to the move;
Power company will provide bucket truck and operator to lift power line during move;
Cable TV company will proved bucket truck and operator during move to temporarily remove residential service line and reconnect after move. Wherever possible, utility lines shall be raised or removed and clearance established before beginning the move. Removal or raising of overhead wires and cables is the responsibility of the permittee and necessary arrangements must be coordinated with the utility companies. The Central Permit Office may require verification that the utility companies have been notified and satisfactory arrangements have been made to accommodate the load and listing any requirements or conditions they have to protect their facilities and move the load safely.
7. When overall width is 20' or greater, a Traffic Control Plan performed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of New York must be submitted. This plan must include a time frame of the proposed move, waypoints where following traffic can pass the vehicle, designated safe havens where the vehicle can park for peak travel or evening curfews, phone numbers for all police agencies along route of travel and a listing of any potential traffic hazards or issues. This engineer or a representative of the firm that submitted the plan must accompany the move to ensure compliance to all requirements and conditions of the plan.
8. When the requested route has an at-grade railroad or other right-of-way crossing the State Highway on which the move is being made the permittee shall certify that the vehicle(s) can safely cross the facility and provide emergency phone numbers and contact persons names from the appropriate company or agency which has jurisdiction and supply such certification to the Department prior to permit issuance.
9. If application indicates a gross weight of 160,000 lbs or greater, vehicle/load must have a structural review by the Main Office Structures Division. The Department may require that the applicant have a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of New York perform the required structural analysis and prepare a report to the Department for review.
10. Bonding must be in place for the following dimensions and/or weights:
Height: >16' but < 17' $10,000 >17' $30,000 Width: >16' $10,000
Length: >160' $10,000
Weight: > 200,000 lbs but < 300,000 lbs $10,000 > 300,000 lbs but < 400,000 lbs $20,000 > 400,000 lbs $50,000"
If there is a combination of dimension and weight as listed above the total bond amount is determined by adding the bond amount required for each dimension and total weight.
12. For shipments origination and destined outside of New York State the point of origin and final point of destination"
13. If the application indicates a gross weight equal to or greater than 200,000 pounds, the following must be submitted:

Schematic showing side and rear elevations and plan view of complete unit (tractor, trailer, jeep dollies) which will transport the load. This will allow for total viewing of the unit with overhangs and axle configuration. Number of tires per axle and tire ratings (both single and dual capacity) during review of the application the Department may also require: Manufacturer's specifications on the: Power unit; trailer; jeep dollies or any other equipment being used to transport the vehicle. This must include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Gross Axle Weight Ratings (GAW) for each axle and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for each vehicle transporting the load.

During the review of application, if determined necessary the Department may require signed statements from other transportation facility providers on their letterhead (typically Marine Terminal Operator or Railroad Company)

PRIOR TO THE MOVE:Police Escorts are required for all super loads. Upon issuance of a final permit the permittee should contact Police to make arrangements for all necessary escorts, equipment, personnel or other items that must accompany the move.
During the move the permittee must adhere to the following:
1. Any special requirements that the utility, telephone and cable companies require when handling the respective lines.
2. Any special requirements of the municipalities whose facilities the move transits.
3. At least 10 percent or a minimum of 5 spare tires (whichever is less) of the transport vehicle must be available with the move.
4. Necessary equipment to change tires or inflate tires must be available with the move.
5. Vehicle must conform to safety requirements of State and Federal Law (i.e. flares, emergency reflectors, etc).
6. Have immediate access to an operable cell phone which has no blocks placed on the phone.
7. For certain moves the Department may require that a licensed engineering firm perform an analysis and prepare a report on any or all of the bridges that the permitted load must cross. In such cases the permittee must retain the services of that engineering firm to accompany the permitted load during its move. This licensed engineer or representative will be responsible to make sure the permitted load crosses all structures as required by its report or as directed by the permit.
8. Ensure that all Certified Escort drivers involved in the move have a valid Certified Escort license and drivers license.
9. Provide a sufficient number of handheld communication devices to allow effective communication between the driver of the permit vehicle, police escorts, Certified Escorts and any Department or engineering staff representatives escorting the permit vehicle.

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